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SEISANZAI Japan delivers the latest industry news on machine tool, peripheral equipment, processing technology and manufacturing in Japan. We empower manufacturers with the latest information and innovations, through exhibition reports, industrial statistics in the machine tool industry and more.

There are many cutting-edge machine tool and peripheral equipment manufacturers in Japan. However, at this point in time, most information does not make its way overseas.
Our goal is to give manufacturing professionals the edge, by arming them with the latest trends and information on the Japanese machine tool industry.

SEISANZAI Japan delivers the latest industry news on machine tool

Our news coverage primarily centers around the use of machine tools for innovations across a broad range of industries and topics. These include: automotive manufacturing, aerospace, molding, medical equipment, job shops and energy.

SEISANZAI Japan is managed by non-native English speaker staff.
We do our best to pay close attention to the expression and accuracy of translations, but please understand there may be some grammatical errors.


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