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EMO Hannover 2019 Special Feature Machining centers (2/2)

September 4, 2019

You can peek a part of Japanese
FA companies’ products, which will be
showed off at EMO Hannover 2019.



DMG MORI (Hall 2) will use Hall 2 as a whole and showcase a total of 45 models, including 29 types of automation systems. CLX 750 and DMC 90 U duoBLOCK will be exhibited for the first time under the theme of “Automation and Digitization”. The automation system which DMG MORI will showcase allows space-saving and flexible layout arrangement. The company will also introduce more than 30 digital innovations that support efficient production planning such as the newly developed CELOS applications and DMG MORI monitoring system.

What DMG MORI recommends the most is Simultaneous 5-axis machining center with a pallet changer, DMC 90 U duoBLOCK. The catchphrase is “Package machine that unites high-quality equipment and an attractive price.”

The two main features are as follows: 1. High-performance machining is realized with the powerful 20,000 rpm, 130 Nm, 35 kW spindle. 2. 36-month is guaranteed with no runtime limit.

The XYZ-axis of travel is 900×1050×850mm and table loading capacity is 1,400 kg. The maximum work size is 900mm of diameter and 1,450 mm of length. Targeted markets are expected to be machinery, job shops, and die mold.


Sugino Machine / Xionα-5AX-AM 

Sugino Machine (Hall 27, Stand E49) and ZIPPEL of Germany will show off improvement of productivity through integrated process from precision machining to precision washing and precision finishing. The company will display 5 axis simultaneous control compact machining center (MC) with additive manufacturing function, CNC high-pressure deburring and washing machines, precision servo feed drilling unit, and roller burnishing tools.

The company highly recommends 5 axis simultaneous control compact MC with additive manufacturing function, Xionα-5AX-AM of XTENDED. Its catchphrase is “ultra-compact machining center meets DED additive manufacturing!” The size of the machine is 1260 mm×4100mm with small foot print. The spindle taper is HSK-E32 with spindle rotation speed 40,000 rpm. The XYZ-axis travel is 300×430×200mm with A-axis of ±120°and C-axis of 360°. 5-axis MC with DED additive head in a small footprint gives you, productivity extended, creativity extended, flexibility extended. Target markets include automobile, aerospace, energy, medical, and precision machinery industries.


Enshu /  WE30V E-Loader

Enshu (Hall 26, Stand B48) will exhibit four machines, including the Auto-Loading Machining Center, WE30V E-Loader as a world-premiere. WE30V E-Loader is a newly developed product that incorporates an auto load/unloading device of workpiece into its conventional vertical machining center. The weight capacity of E-Loader, auto load/unloading device, is 5 to 10 kg, and the load/unloading time can be set to 7 seconds or less.

An auto load/unloading device is usually disposed outside the MC. However, incorporating it into MC realizes cost saving and space saving. The E-Loader drives by the control unit of the MC. Therefore, the user can adjust the loading device from the operation panel of the MC, and can easily cooperate with the machining.

The XYZ-axis travel of WE30V E-Loader is 400×400×300mm. The company will aim an automotive industry, electrical and electronic components, and precision machinery and so on as a target market of WE30V E-Loader. In addition, Enshu will co-exhibit with lathes of other company and propose new facility plans to the visitors. The company will also display the facilities that have been sold extensively in the European market and promote its high-tech capabilities.


Sodick / UH650L

Sodick (Hall 13, Stand A92) will show off a total of seven latest models at the booth with a 456 square meters. Sodick will unveil ALC400P in Germany. ALC400P is a new model of ALC series and a flagship wire-cut EDM in Europe. Also, the visitors are likely to pay attention to high-speed milling center, UH650L, which will be unveiled in Europe this time. The user can configure settings by choosing from a lineup of four HSK shrink fit type dual face contact spindles to meet various processing requirements down to the most precise details. These spindles suppress vibration and core deflection to provide balance between rotation-torque characteristics and high rigidity.

New NC unit LN4X is incorporated in UH650L. Its proprietary motion controller and integrated PWM amplifier improves speed performance for all axes control cycles. It achieved improvements in the responsiveness of the driver servos. The improvements to 1 nm resolution control allow even higher quality finishing achievable. The symmetrical machine structure realizes rigidity and accuracy. The XYZ- axis travel is 620×500×300mm with spindle at a maximum speed of 40000 rpm. The table dimension is 750×500mm.



TOSHIBA MACHINE (Hall 27, Stand E81) will promote technologies covering from ultra-precision machining to large-scale machining. The company will exhibit UVM-450D (H) of the high precision machining center suitable for precision die mold machining, and display multiple optical parts die molds for automobiles processed with this machine. The catchphrase is “UVM for further higher accuracy” and the three main features are as follows: 1. Aerostatic bearing spindle realizes high speed and high rotation accuracy. 2. High-precision positioning is realized by linear motor control technology. 3. Thermal stabilizing system allows high-precision machining for long hours.

The travel of the XYZ-axis is 570×525×250 mm, and the spindle rotation speed is 6000 to 60000 rpm.

In addition, the company will also showcase unit of ULG-series of high pecision aspheric with the world-class machining accuracy, and introduces its original ultra-precision machining technologies. The company will also display 4-axis head units and samples for double-column multi-tasking machine for the aerospace industry regarding to large machine tool. State-of-the-art additive manufacturing technologies will be presented.


Yasda Precision Tools / YMC650

Yasda Precision Tools (Hall 12, Stand A58) will showcase three models, micro center (MC) YMC650, MC with rotary table YMC 650+RT 20, and 5-axis machining center PX30i. YMC650 is equipped with a newly developed HSK-E40 spindle and a large-capacity automatic tool changer. The rpm of HSK-E40 spindle is 200 to 35000. The mounted automatic tool changer can accommodate 102 tools. High productivity and automation are realized by combining with high accuracy and high-rigidity machines. In addition, HMI called Yasda OpeNe ver.2 is also mounted, and it made operability improved.

YMC650 has two features: 1. It is adaptable to a wide range of high precision machining. 2. High stability is achieved by all-axis controlled linear motor drives.

The XYZ-axis travel is 650×500×280mm. The automobile, electrical and electronic components, and medical equipment industry that require high-precision machining are expected to be the target market.

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EMO Hannover 2019 Special Feature

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Machining centers (2/2)

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