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Murata begins mass production of batteries with long life and short charging time ideal for industrial equipment

April 21, 2020

Murata Manufacturing started mass production of “FORTELION 24V Battery Module” suitable for industrial equipment that requires high output such as automated guided vehicles (AGV) and robots in April, 2020.

Lead-acid batteries are generally used for service robots and AGV, but there were issues such as long charging time and short battery life. The new product adopted an original lithium-ion secondary battery “FORTELION”. It is possible to charge up to 90% of its capacity in about 1 hour. In addition, the charge-discharge cycle is 10,000 times or more, and the battery life is longer than 500 cycles of a lead-acid batteries and 2000 to 3000 cycles of a general lithium battery. Because the new battery module is equivalent in size to a conventional lead-acid battery, replacement is easy.

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