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DI-NIKKO ENGINEERING acquires NC Network Factory

May 29, 2020

DI-NIKKO ENGINEERING announced on May 22, 2020 that it will acquire NC Network Factory. DI-NIKKO ENGINEERING invests 180 million yen. After the capital increase, the capital of NC Network Factory will be 300 million yen, and the holding ratio of DI-NIKKO ENGINEERING will be 60%.

NC Network Factory was established by splitting the machining business from? NC Network, which operates the parts procurement portal site “EMIDAS” for the manufacturing industry. NC Network Factory has been played a role of mediator between SMEs and major manufacturers by purchasing products from SMEs and delivering them to major automobile manufacturers.

DI-NIKKO ENGINEERING can use the NC network’s small-to-medium-sized manufacturing network to offer a wide variety of products from prototypes to mass-produced products in addition electronic board mounting and device assembly, which used to do so far.

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