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Yaskawa Electric launches a cobot with a maximum load capacity of 20 kg

July 19, 2021

On June 17, 2021, Yaskawa Electric, a leading robot maker, launched a new collaborative robot “MOTOMAN-HC20SDTP” with a maximum load capacity of 20 kg.

It is not necessary to surround it with safety fence and the cobot and people can work together in the same space. The maximum reach length is 1200 mm, which is equivalent to a Yaskawa’s conventional cobot with maximum load capacity of 10 kg. The new model can also load heavy workpiece, which conventional one could not. In addition, MOTOMAN-HC20SDTP is also equipped with a direct teaching function, so even users who are unfamiliar with robots can easily create operation programs.

Main applications are handling and assembly of automobiles and machine-related parts, attachment and detachment of workpieces to machine tools.

This article was translated by “T-4OO”.

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