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Yamazen promotes its decarbonization efforts online

March 6, 2023

Yamazen held the “Decarbonizing SMEs to Achieve Carbon Neutrality Conference 2023” online for the press on February 1 (=photo). Shinji Matsuda, Executive Officer, Director of Green Recovery Business Department, introduced the company’s decarbonization initiatives and said, “As a trading company, we will work with companies in our supply chain to promote the decarbonization of small and medium-sized enterprises”.

More specifically, he explained the “DayZpower” project, which sells electricity to specific customers on a long-term basis in exchange for covering the investment in power generation equipment, and the “Green Ball Project (GBP),” a sales promotion plan to sell environmentally friendly products primarily to small and medium-sized enterprises. Since June 2022, Yamazen has been providing companies participating in the GBP with a free application that visualizes the amount of carbon dioxide emissions and the effect of reductions, and “400 accounts have already been issued, and the target is 1,000 accounts for the time being,” Matsuda explained.

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