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DMG MORI’s new technologies improve productivity

June 20, 2018

Coolant Tank
[Zero Sludge Coolant Tank]

DMG MORI developed a “Zero Sludge Coolant Tank” to efficiently recover micro sludges in the coolant. With Zero Sludge Coolant Tank, some nozzles were arranged in the coolant tank.  As a result, an optimum coolant flow is formed, and micro sludges can be efficiently collected by the high precision cyclone filter.  It’s DMG MORI’s new technologies.

The collection rate of the castings sludge recovery rate in the coolant tank was over 99% (according to the company’s survey).  This reduces the labor of regular cleaning work of the coolant tank, which leads to an improvement in productivity.

Suorce:SEISANZAI MARKETING Magazine June issue

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