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AMADA, switches all bases in Japan to 100% renewable energy

September 14, 2023

AMADA (Isehara City, Kanagawa, Representative Director and President: Takaaki Yamanashi) has joined the international environmental initiative “RE100”. 

These companies aim to achieve the use of 100% renewable energy for the electric power used in business activities at all their bases, including those of Group companies. AMADA is the first company in the machine tool industry in Japan to join RE100. 

From fiscal 2022, AMADA has switched the electricity used at all domestic bases (such as offices, plants, and sales offices) to 100% renewable energy. This represents a reduction of approximately 28,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions. When other CO2 reduction initiatives and the effects of energy-saving measures are included, this is a 90% reduction in CO2 emissions (Scope 1 + 2) from fiscal 2013 at domestic offices and plants (and a 65% reduction for all bases, including those overseas).


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