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Master key terms in the world of robotics 02: RTJ

March 29, 2024

We hear this word a lot these days on the topic of industrial robots, but it’s hard to answer with confidence when asked, “What does it mean?”. Do you have such words? 

In our latest column, “Master Key Terms in the World of Robotics,” we introduce such key words and new terms in the industrial robotics industry. This time, we introduce “ROBOT TECHNOLOGY JAPAN,” an industrial robot and automation systems exhibition first launched in 2022, RTJ is set to host its second edition in July this year. 

What is RTJ?

RTJ holds a prominent position in Japan’s robotics arena, particularly in years when the renowned “International Robot Exhibition (iREX)” takes a break. iREX, held every two years in odd-numbered years, serves as a platform for numerous companies to showcase their latest products and advancements. However, innovation continues even in non-iREX years. Enter ROBOT TECHNOLOGY JAPAN, or RTJ, which is held in even-numbered years in the absence of iREX and has become a key event in Japan’s robotics calendar. 

This exhibition showcases an array of industrial robots, automated guided vehicles (AGVs), autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), automated warehouses, and other automation equipment used in factory and warehouse environments. It also features robotic systems proposed by system integrators. 

The event is organized by News Digest Publishing, the company behind SEISANZAI Japan. SEISANZAI Japan is one of the official media of RTJ and will provide comprehensive highlights and reports in its articles. 

The venue for RTJ is the Aichi Sky Expo in Aichi Prefecture, Japan, completed in 2019. The inaugural RTJ in 2022 featured 202 companies and organizations in 1,096 booths and attracted 41,880 visitors over three dynamic days from June 30 to July 2. 

This July, expectations are high for the second edition of RTJ 2024 to surpass its predecessor in scale, with the organizing team at News Digest diligently preparing for the event. 

Aichi Prefecture, the host location of RTJ, is a hub of manufacturing industries, particularly known for its automotive sector. Various machinery manufacturers, including machine tool builders, also have their headquarters and production bases in the prefecture. In terms of the total value of manufactured goods shipped in 2021, Aichi leads Japan’s manufacturing sector by a considerable margin. Proposing automation in places where the need for automation is high. This is the reason why exhibitions specializing in industrial robots are gaining popularity in Aichi. 

RTJ 2022 Video Recap 


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