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Okuma opens a new Technical Center near Indian capital

July 29, 2018

In May 2018, Okuma announced that it had opened the Gurgaon Technical Center through its subsidiary in India.  Okuma invested about 100 million yen to open it.  Gurgaon city is located near the capital city New Delhi.

Strong economic growth continues in India.  In particular, machine tool markets for automobiles, construction machinery, and agricultural machinery are expanding.

In addition, the need for higher-quality industrial products and the machining accuracy required for machine tool are increasing due to the improvement of living standards.

 Through the establishment of the technical center, the company will strengthen its sales, technical support, and after-sales service systems, and in addition to supporting Japanese-affiliated companies entering India, it will also promote the penetration of its brand into local companies.

At the Technical Center, Okuma proposes test-cutting and processing methods and aims to win 3 billion yen in orders annually.  Okuma will enhance inventory of parts and strengthen service measures such as repair in case of failure.  In India, there are six offices, including the newly established Technical Center.  Okuma plans to open similar bases around the world to cover the vast Indian markets.

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