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Robots are attracting attention at special exhibitions(1/2)

September 26, 2018

A specialty exhibition of food machinery and image processing was held one after another in June.

At each exhibition, robot exhibitions attracted a great deal of attention.

At the food machine exhibition, many people were told that “robots are highly versatile, they are most suitable for the food field and the attendees’ attention is high” (one exhibitor).

There were many new proposals for robots in image processing exhibitions, and attention was paid to a box loading/unloading system using image analysis technology and an appearance inspection system using robots.

A versatile robot suitable for the food industry

The FOOMA JAPAN 2018 Food Machinery Exhibition was held in Tokyo Big Sight,  on June 12-15, 2018.

A number of robotic manufacturing systems were also exhibited at the venue in conjunction with the food specific purpose machine, attracting attention.

“In the food industry, new products frequently appear, so it is an industry that is suitable for highly versatile robots,” each exhibitor says.

It was the Denso Wave booth that was always crowded with people.

Denso Wave proposed a deep-fried chicken serving system for box lunch using AI technology.

The company’s vertical-articulated robot was combined with “jackets dedicated to food production,” OSARO’s AI-technology and Nitta’s robotic hands for food products.

“When it is bulky, it is hard to understand each boundary of the fried chicken, it is only with our AI technology that can recognize well,” Kazuhiro Kawamoto, engineer of Osaro said.

Connected Robotics exhibited TAKOYAKI(Japanese snacks)cooking production system using a collaborative robot.

“If you can make TAKOYAKI that is difficult to make, you can think that you can make other foods,” Yasuki Sato, the chief operating officer said.


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