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Report:Logis-Tech Tokyo 2018(2/3)

October 26, 2018

Logis-Tech Tokyo 2018 was held in Tokyo Big Sight for four days from September 11 to 14, 2018.
More than 450 companies and organizations participated in the exhibition.
74,520 people gathered at Logis-Tech Tokyo 2018, which exceeded the previous exhibition of 2016 by 10,000 people.
Background of workers shortage, proposals for automation of work and efficiency improvement were in the spotlight. Especially exhibitions using industrial robots attracted attention.


Compatible with cargo trucks with fences

Okura Yusoki, a transportation equipment manufacturer, has proposed a system for automating the process of unloading from shelves and loading on a platform.

Unloading the luggage with a system “Quick Shuttle I” that picks up the luggage and stack it on the loading platform with a large multi-joint robot.

Automatic detection of the size of baggage with a sensor, equipped with the function of loading while taking a balance so as not to collapse even if the load is stacked high.

Until now they have proposed 4 axis robot, but this time, 6 axis robot was exhibited as a reference.

Because it can perform complicated operation, even basket truck can work without hitting the fence.

Daisuke Okura, senior managing director, Sales Division of Okura Yusoki, said, “In many cases, fenced basket truck were used, and we were able to propose easy-to-use cars at the actual site.”

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