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Gear grinding machine faster and more accurate by reviewing the structure

March 13, 2019

Gear grinding machine


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machine Tool

“ZE16C/26C” gear grinding machine, which enables high-speed and high-precision finishing, was launched.

The shape error of the gear after machining was suppressed to about ±1μm.

High-precision gears are required for the power transmission unit in order to improve quietness and energy efficiency in the automobile market.

High-performance robots have been developed actively in the market for industrial robots.

Further quality improvement is required for the gear mounted on the reducer.

Therefore, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machine Tool has improved its conventional gear to produce high-precision gears a lot.

The rigidity of the table and grinding wheel head was enhanced, and the spindle structure was also reviewed to improve the machining accuracy.

The largest outer diameter of the workpiece was expanded from 150 mm to 160 mm in the “ZE16C” and from 240 mm to 260 mm in the “ZE26C”.

The rotational speed of the grindstone shaft was increased to 8000 rpm in order to improve productivity.

The width of the grindstone that can be mounted has been expanded from 125 mm to 160 mm. Non-machining time has been reduced by half compared with the conventional machine by reducing the frequency of grindstone replacement.

The water-soluble coolant can also be used as additional option, and the energy saving performance is improved.

Source:SEISAZAI MARKETING Magazine December issue

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