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CNC Lathe

Sliding Headstock Type CNC Automatic Lathes”Cincom D25”

Sliding Headstock Type CNC Automatic Lathes”Cincom D25”

  • Citizen Machinery

  • Booth number : E5018

This machine adopts a double gang tool post for face milling. The low frequency vibration cutting (LFV) technique can be optionally set.
Cincom D25 will solves chip problems, which are highly requested by users. Type VIII was equipped with a B axis for oblique machining.
It can mount up to 28 back milling tools and flexibly deal with the division of process into milling and back milling.

CNC Turning Center”MD120Ⅱ”

CNC Turning Center”MD120Ⅱ”

  • Murata Machinery

  • Booth number : E3032

This machine is a parallel 2-spindle type turning center which can accommodate every production line with a space of 1900 mm × 1810 mm (W × D) and contribute to space saving. The milling capacity was enhanced. A new single-rail high speed loader has installed.
A work conveying time is reduced by shortening an acceleration/deceleration time, and realize shortening of cycle time.
Furthermore, options to shorten idle time are also available to increase productivity.

English Speaking Staff

International Business Department

Muratec Contributes to improving your productivity by suggesting and offering the optimum automation solutions for each country, each region, or each product.You will find our concepts through this exhibition with a variety of our machines and development activities.