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The Amada Foundation holds the formal notary

November 25, 2017

On November 25th,  2017, the Amada Foundation opened “The 30th anniversary of the Amada Foundation and the subsidiary of fiscal 2018” in Forum 246 adjacent to Amada Headquarters in Isehara city, Kanagawa Prefecture.

Mr. Mitsuo Okamoto, director of the foundation said, “This foundation was established in 1987 based on the personal asset of Mr. Isamu Amada, the founder of Amada. The total subsidy reached 2,415 million yen and the number of cases became 1553. At the milestone it is necessary to change the way of subsidization”. And, the Amada Foundation held this year’s subsidiary reception.

The grant amount for this fiscal year totaled 241.79 million yen with 94 cases.


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