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JTA announces technical and successful awards

November 2, 2017

Japan Cutting & Wear-resistant Tool Association (JTA) decided the winner of awards in fiscal 2017. The award formula was held in Tokyo on November 2th, 2017.

Two people, including Mr. Suzuki the former president of Suzuki-kouki were awarded the “Industry Achievement Award” given to those who contributed to the tool industry. Mr. Suzuki dedicated a long period of time for the Japan Tool Manufacturers Association until the company was closed in 2011. There were 14 cases in “the Technology Results Award.” OSG’s “thread mill diameter compensation tools” and Sandvik’s “Coro Turn Prime” were chosen. Five of the “environmental awards” were selected. Yokkaichi Plant of Kyocera in Shiga Prefecture was awarded the Environment Grand Prize.

After the ceremony, a party was held. Nozomi Ushijima, president of JTA said, “Some people are worried that tool demand will decrease because of conversion to electric vehicles (EV), but EV adopts rare metals a lot, so it will not spread rapidly.”

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