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Mitusbishi Electric will expand its products for e-F@ctory

November 7, 2017

On November 7, Mitsubishi Electric announced that it will expand its product range for the “e-F@ctory” (=image) solution that supports a series of developments, productions, and maintenance in the FA and IT technologies.

Use of data contributes to preventive maintenance and quality improvement.  It will be released in the spring, 2018.

These product groups are used in e-F@ctories, among other areas of edge computing near production sites.  It also supports open software platforms “Edgecross” newly developed by six companies, including Omron.

Three types of software are developed here: Real-Time Data Analyzer, Monitoring control soft “MC Works64 Edge Computing Edition, and MELIPC Series for Industrial PCs. In addition to the data analysis at the production site, the data analysis software can also perform real-time diagnosis.

In addition, the company’s proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) technologies were also incorporated to improve the accuracy of anomaly detection.

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