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Vertical MC for large parts with wide table size

January 30, 2020

Vertical machining center



Okuma launched the vertical machining center “MB-80V” for large parts such as semiconductor manufacturing equipment and large molds. In the semiconductor market, large-sized silicon wafers for component materials are mainly used, and in the automotive field, exterior parts are switched to resin, so that demand for medium- and large-sized mold gets high. Okuma decided to develop a new model to meet the growing demand for large parts.

The table size is 1600 × 800mm. The travel of the XYZ axes is 1600 × 1050 × 600mm, and a large machining area is prepared. The installation floor space was 4500 × 2990 mm, saving space for a large machining area.

MB-80V adopts predictive maintenance technology using artificial intelligence (AI). Spindle diagnosis and feed spindle diagnosis using AI can identify abnormal parts of the spindle bearings and ball screws, thereby preventing machine failures. MB-80V is equipped with a “Thermo-Friendly Concept” technology that accepts temperature changes and accurately controls thermal displacement. It demonstrates excellent dimensional stability even in long-term continuous machining. Long-term unmanned operation with predictive maintenance and dimensional stability contributes to improve productivity.

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