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Kuraray starts operation of a new PVA water-soluble film plant in Europe in 2022

February 18, 2020

Kuraray, which manufactures high-performance resins, announced on February 13, 2020 that it would establish a new plant for PVA water-soluble films in Zimna Wodka, Poland. The investment amount is about 5 billion yen. The new plant will start operation in 2022. The demand for PVA water-soluble films has been growing worldwide as individual packaging films for detergents, cosmetics, food, agricultural chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and the company will respond to the demand by constructing a new plant. The affiliated corporation in US, MonoSol, has production bases for PVA water-soluble films, mainly in the midwestern United States. The company aims to optimize the global supply chain and expand sales in Europe.

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