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DMG MORI and Nikon started business alliance

May 29, 2020

DMG MORI and Nikon concluded a memorandum of understanding for a comprehensive business alliance including sales consignment in March 2020. Both manufacturers combine their mutual resources to offer innovative solutions to customers.

As part of the alliance, DMG MORI will install the Nikon’s non-contact laser scanner “LC15Dx” to some of its machine tools as an option. “LC15Dx” is able to efficiently measure a wide variety of workpiece with non-contact, including many parts that are too small or complex for a touch probes. It is especially ideal for instrumenting and measuring large-sized gears and turbine blades for aircraft, construction machinery, and the energy industry. DMG MORI plans to launch a machine tool equipped with LC15Dx in this autumn.

Meanwhile, Nikon launched a metal 3D printer “Lasermeister 101A” in May 2020. Nikon will be able to use DMG MORI’s global sales network with the business alliance and expand sales of new products together with DMG MORI.

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