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Sugino Machine supports COVID-19 countermeasures: manufactures face shields using its flagship

June 18, 2020

Sugino Machine announced on June 5, 2020 that it would manufacture face shields and provide them free of charge to medical institutions and educational institutions to support measures against COVID-19.

Sugino Machine manufactures 1100 face shields using its flagship, the water jet cutter. A water jet cutter is a machine that cuts a workpiece by ejecting water from an ultra-fine nozzle at a water pressure of about 4000 times that of tap water.

An energy consumption and industrial waste can be reduced compared to other machining methods since multiple sheets are stacked and machined in a short time. The company will also offer a face shields’ cutting program using a water jet cutter for free of charge to those who want it.

Sugino Machine held the endowment ceremonies of the face shield on June 9 at Uozu City Hall in Uozu City, where Sugino Machine’s head office is located, and on June 10 at Namerikawa City Hall in Namerikawa City, where the main manufacturing site is located.

Sugino Machine will also provide an online business meeting service using a web conference system as part of measures against COVID-19.

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