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Online exhibition goes niche to mainstream in Japan (2/3)

February 24, 2021

Japanese each FA builder held online exhibitions from January to February 2021. Each company not only introduced new products and technologies on its website, but they also held live webinars. The editorial department of SEISANZAI Japan will introduce the web exhibitions of Citizen Machinery, NSK, and Yaskawa Electric for three days. The second day is NSK, a mechanical parts manufacturer.

The first part of this article is here. It introduces web exhibitions of Citizen Machinery.

The easy-to-understand seminar was popular

NSK is holding the “NSK Visual Expo” from January 25th to February 26th, 2021. A total of 16 products have been introduced for the machine tool industry.

NSK held a webinar on January 27 to introduce the technological trends of ball screws and liner guides. The new ball screw is equipped with a new technology that reduces the time loss when the movable nut reverses. This technology improves the machining quality of curved surfaces by machining centers. The company will launch this new product in April 2021.

Besides, NSK showed a high-precision, long-life ball screw at a webinar. Viewers evaluated that the webinar was easy to understand. The mechanical parts manufacturer hosted a webinar with the same content on February 5th.

The third part of this article will be uploaded on February 25th.

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