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PR strategies of each FA company change from face-to-face to web (2/2)

August 21, 2020

While face-to-face sales are restricted due to COVID-19, FA companies has been promoting PR strategies using the web such as web exhibitions and webinars. The PR strategies of each company have changed from the face-to-face approach to the web.

To strengthen PR on the web

Makino Milling Machine, one of the largest machining center builders in Japan, held a web exhibition earlier than other FA companies.

On April 15, 2020, Makino Milling Machine released a website to introduce machine tools, software, and machining technology. These were planned to be exhibited at “INTERMOLD 2020”, but the exhibition was canceled. Mitsubishi Electric and Sodick also held own web exhibitions instead of real “canceled” exhibitions.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machine Tool also starteda web exhibition “INTERMOLD 2020 online” on its website on July 1st. The company introduced the micro milling machine “μV1” and large precision machine “MVR/Fx”.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machine Tool also held a webinar on the following day of the web exhibition, and announced a case of the introduction of “DIASCOPE,” a system that monitors the operating status of machine tools with the IoT.

MATSUURA MACHINERY held a web exhibition on July 21st and 22nd as a substitute for the open house that was canceled.

Dialogue is important on the web strategy

OSG released “OSG WEB SHOW ROOM” on July 1, 2020. The visitors can access to a wealth of digital content such as commentary pages and videos of the cutting tools. The company also considered the exhibition as an opportunity for dialogue with customers and implemented a chat function in its web showroom. The web showroom set a system where users can consult about machining technologies.

OSG also holds webinars. At the seminar on July 8, new product of its main brand “A brand”,  non-ferrous carbide end mills were introduced.

MOLDINO, also a cutting tool maker, opened the website of the web exhibition on July 15, and explained the history of product development and machining technology using new products.

KOSMEK, a FA accessory provider, held a web exhibition for 3 days from July 1st to 3rd. The company introduced about 20 products in four categories: “new products”, “robot exhibition”, “transfer/work holding”, “setup/locating”.

Besides, during the web exhibition, webinars were held on three themes, 1) robot introduction examples that embody “work style reform”, 2) making collaborative robots easier to use, 3) new products unveiled in July. It took 20 minutes for each seminar, so that viewers can concentrate the seminar. KOSMEK also answered the questions from the viewers using chat box.

The demand for face shields and acrylic plates has been increasing to prevent droplet infections, and SUGATSUNE KOGYO has been working on proposing on the web unique to mechanical parts manufacturers.

The company has released on its website some examples of measures against infectious diseases using its own mechanical parts. Among the examples, there were torque hinges that can fix and adjust the position of the acrylic panel, and covers that can be opened and closed with elbows without hands.


▶PR strategies of each FA company change from face-to-face to web (1/2)

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