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Virtual exhibition for robots: DENSO WAVE Streams on worldwide

June 22, 2020

DENSO WAVE will hold a virtual exhibition “DENSO Robotics Online Expo“, which will stream on the website globally for the first time from July 16th to 18th, 2020. The participation fee is free, and pre-resister is required, which starts in late June.

The main contents are “real-time video streaming” and “remote operation experience”.

In “real-time video streaming”, participants will be able to watch the video of the integrated control application by the new robot controller “RC9” announced in December 2019 and 5-and 6-Axis robots “VM series” and “VL series”, which can carry heavy load with long arm reach. DENSO WAVE will also unveil the newly developed support service “DENSO Robotics Cloud” which is based on “QR code” and cloud .

In “remote operation experience”, participants can remotely operate the programming software “WINCAPS Plus” and image processing software “EVP2”, which does not require to set up the program and specialized in pick-and-place.

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