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Three companies, Denso Wave et al., announced AI Robo

November 29, 2017

Three companies, Denso Wave and the Japanese corporation of Beckhoff Automation and Exawizards, who offered artificial intelligence (AI) services, had a press briefing on November 29, 2017 at the site of “INTERNATIONAL ROBOT  EXHIBITION 2017” held at Tokyo Big Sight.  A dual-arm “multimodal AI robot” equipped with AI technology has been announced.  The control was in charge of Beckhoff Automation and the AI technique was in charge of Exawizards.  A multi-finger hand is worn to automate the operation of handling irregular objects.  The VR technique can be used to intuitively teach.

In addition, since the robot operates while predicting ahead by the depth learning function of the AI, it is not necessary to construct a complicated program.  Hiroyasu Nakagawa, the president of Denso Wave, said that it has been a good partner and able to challenge robotic control with deep learning functions.

In the booth, a demo in which the robot folds the towel was also shown.  VR technology has also been demonstrated and attracted attention.

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