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Okamoto Machine Tool Works focuses on Semiconductors and Automation

February 12, 2018

Okamaoto Machine Tool Works gathered about 100 people, mainly from distributors, in Yokohama city, and held ”PSG”, an agency society,on February 9 2018.

It introduced the explanation of the new model and the start of the “equipment update vintage campaign” trade-in the existing old surface grinding machine and selling the latest model at a special price.

The semiconductor industry is also mentioned as one of the attention markets.

It also produces semiconductor manufacturing equipment. Demand for ceramic chucks used in semiconductor processing increased, and the mainstay grinding machine also performed well. It asked distributors to further expand sales.

In order to encourage distributors to actively propose automation of grinding machines, it presented examples of robotic grinding machines installed Okamoto Koki, a group company, in video.

At the close of the meeting, Tsuneyuki Ishii, the president of Okamoto Machine Tool Works said that “users are highly interested in automation through reforming their work styles. We want you to propose our products”.

A similar meeting was held in Osaka on February 7 and in Nagoya on February 8, with many agents gathering.


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