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Shinano Kenshi enters the AMR market

June 25, 2021

Shinano Kenshi, which manufactures and sells motors and robot hands with ASPINA brand, will enter the market for AMR (autonomous mobile robot). The company developed the first AMR and unveiled it to the press on June 2, 2021.

The motor maker has developed a SLAM type AMR which autonomously runs while recognizing the surrounding environment and estimating its own position. Its target is the manufacturing site, and the maximum load capacity is 100 kg. “The features are a body and suspension that can be turned around easily,” said Yukihiro Kaneko, executive director.

Besides, the robot is easy to set up at the time of introduction. At a press conference on June 2, the robot created a surrounding environment map on the spot and started to move in just a few minutes.

Trial sales will start in June. The mass production version will be released within the next fiscal year. “We want to sell 500 AMR a year in 2026,” said Mr. Kaneko.

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