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Star Micronics has renewed its Swiss automatic lathe for large diameter parts

June 28, 2021

Star Micronics has developed the SR-32JIII, a new Swiss-type automatic lathe in the SR series which is to be launched in August 2021. This model is focused on large-diameter machining needs such as for automotive parts or hydraulic and pneumatic devices.

This model has two types, A and B. Type A has 5 linear-controlled axes mounted with a 6-spindle unit for rear-end work, and Type B has 6 linear-controlled axes mounted with an 8-spindle unit with Y2-axis control. Furthermore, there are three types of power tools for the gang-type tool post for front-side machining, the 5 and 6-spindle types have two cartridge positions to make tool units interchangeable depending on the shape of the workpiece, and there is a special 6-spindle type for cross machining. These provide a variety of tooling configurations to meet customers’ needs.

As for its construction, the gang-type tool post employs its unique slanted slide guideway structure to enhance machine rigidity while enabling continuous machining with high accuracy for prolonged periods of time.

Because guide bush and non-guide bush specifications can be flexibly switched to meet diverse machining needs, customers can machine your workpiece with the specifications that best-fit. The guide bush specification is useful for machining long workpieces such as motor shafts because it provides firm support of the workpiece which reduces flex and enables high accuracy machining. The machining of short parts such as nuts can be optimized with the non-guide bush specification, as it lessens the length of stock waste and reduces the overall cost of materials.

With a flip-up door with a wide opening, a swing type control panel to facilitate operations in the optimum position, and a redesigned tool post for rear-end work, this model is designed to pursue the operability and workability of the operator wherever possible. The NC system has also been enhanced with a variety of support features such as an alarm help function so you can check information about alarms on the NC screen.

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