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New tooling solution by Makino Milling Machine

June 1, 2021

Makino Milling Machine, a leading machine tool builder, started selling the new brand “SMART TOOL” in May 2021.

SMART TOOL is a general term for a product group such as cutting tools, tool holders, measuring equipment, and software, which were developed by Makino. Users can use SMART TOOL to further enhance the performance of Makino machine tools.

As the first step of SMART TOOL, Makino has released three solutions “Synchro Spinner”, “Belt Track Finisher” and “Super Hale” that enable to machine sealing surface of semiconductor manufacturing equipment with high quality. Synchro Spinner is a tool that can be attached to a machining center to finish the turning surface. Belt Track Finisher is suitable for sealing surface’s belt polishing. Super Hale is a tool which streamlines hail machining.

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