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Mitsubishi Electric launches die-sinking EDM with AI

August 18, 2021

On July 1, 2021, Mitsubishi Electric, an electrical equipment maker, added a medium-sized model “SG28” to the die-sinking electric discharge machine “SG series”. The target workpiece range is wide, such as automobile battery cases, heat sinks, and aluminum die-casting molds used for engines.

The SG28 has adopted the original AI technology “Maisart”. The machine is capable of optimal real-time control according to the machining conditions. Mitsubishi Electric has also reviewed the mechanical structure, shortening the minimum surface distance between the electrode and the table by about 150 mm and increasing the Z-axis movement distance by 50 mm compared to the conventional model.

The original numerical control device “D-CUBES” is also installed as standard. Mitsubishi Electric has added a new function to D-CUBES that can calculate workpiece dimensions from coordinate numbers. It is unnecessary for operators to calculate by hand through the new features and setup work can be made more efficient.

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