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Mitsui Seiki launches upgraded VMCs with improved thermal displacement compensation

April 3, 2018

Mitsui Seiki Kogyo
Vertical Machining Center

Mitsui Seiki Kogyo has slightly modified its Vertex75II/75XII vertical machining center (MC) and released the 75III/75XIII. The Thermal Displacement Compensation function is newly installed in the spindle. It increases the number of temperature sensors and instantly detects the amount of change and corrects accordingly. As a result, the amount of thermal displacement in the Z-axis direction has been suppressed to about one-third of the conventional amount.
The rigidity of the bed and column has also been strengthened to improve machining accuracy. In the 75XIII of 5-axis specifications, a large workpiece with a direct diameter of 950 mm × height of 650 mm at most can be processed. It adopts an original “cube-on” structure in which three straight axes move on the column side. The installation space is 2200 mm × depth 3440 mm. Among the products that can process the same work size, realize the top class space-saving.
In the spindle, a high-torque type and a high-speed type are prepared. The high-torque type can be machined at 15,000 rpm, 25,000 rpm (standard specifications), and the high-speed rotary type can be machined at 30,000 rpm.

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