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Citizen Machinery Expands Manufacturing Base in Philippine

May 11, 2018

On March 30, 2018, Citizen Machinery announced that it would expand its automatic lathe manufacturing base in Philippine (photo).  The factory to expand is Miyano brand’s low price and medium price range model assembly plant.  It invests about 500 million yen.  The total floor area after expansion is 18,760 m2.  Approximately 25% increase from the current level.  The monthly production capacity is doubled from 40 units to 80 units.  It will start construction in April 2018 and start operation in January 2019.

In the machine tool industry, orders from China, Asia, and the United States increased around autumn last year, and the industry is performing well regardless of region or industry.  The company continues to receive orders at record levels.  The Miyano brand is particularly strong for automobiles and construction machinery.  However, the Philippine factory has limited assembly space and decided to expand its base to meet the growing demand.

The Philippine manufacturing base was established in 1987.  Initially, the plant was built for casting and machining the casted parts, but in 2011 it began producing automatic lathe.  Products produced in Philippine plants are supplied not only to Southeast Asia but also to the world.

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