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A brand-new solution from Roku-Roku for microfabrication(1/2)

May 16, 2018

Roku-Roku sangyo developed fine-processing machine “Vision.”  It was released on April 1, 2018. It was revealed at the Inter-Mold 2018 held on April 18.  The machine mainly for processing precision molds.  It proposes to the microfabrication market.  The “new machine” corresponding to from heavy cutting with a 16 mm diameter end mill to mirror finish machining.

Pursuing the ideal

On April 1, 2018, Roku-Roku sangyo launched its new vertical machining center “Vision”, fine-processing machine.  This machine can be used from heavy cutting of die mold materials to mirror finishing with 16 mm diam. end mill.  In general, different machines were used for heavy cutting and rough machining and for finishing machining.  However, in response to the strong demand from users for “a powerful machine capable of cutting heavy machinery, rough machining, and finishing.”  The stroke (X × Y × Z) is 650 × 550 × 300 mm.  It has the largest processing area in its lineup.

The shank format is HSK-E40 (corresponding to BT30), and the spindle speed is up to 30,000 rpm.  All-axis has linear motor drive.  The price is 3.3 million yen, and it aims to win 50 orders worldwide annually.  It was revealed at Inter-Mold 2018 from April 18.  The coverage workpiece is a large and thin mold which requires multiple pieces and precision such as mold with thin design of PC body, mold for micro flow channel for medical treatment.

“The name of the vision means “ideal of fine processing machine,” says President Mitsuru Kaito.  “That’s what customers want, so we’ve made the vision an all-round machine.”

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