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A brand-new solution from Roku-Roku for microfabrication(2/2)

May 18, 2018

Keywords are versatility

“The vision covers everything from heavy cutting to mirror finishing,” says President Kaito, “there is no fine-processing machine in the marketplace that has such a wide range of versatility in machining.”  Roku-Roku sangyo presents a new models to micro machining markets, with versatility.  President Kaito emphasizes that the pursuit of the ideal form is still mid-road.  As a leading company in fine-processing machining micro center, Roku-Roku has strong pride in driving the market.

Auto tool changer provides 20, 40, and 60 pieces.  The shape accuracy is ±5μm or less, and the finishing roughness is currently about Ra15 nm. However, Mr. Kaito says, “the goal is to less than the 10 nm.”  The possibility of 5 axis of fine-processing machine is also considered in the future.  The company presents its commitment to design as an “R-design” concept.  R refers to resound.  “Many users of these machines have a certain aesthetic eye, and we want to review it and pursue a design that responds to expectations and affects the user’s sensitivities,” says Mr. Kaito.

Teams for sales, planning, design, technology, and other aspects of product development are organized in a cross-sectional manner.  Vision was developed in a year and a half.  It is the fifth series of fine-processing machine.

So far, the company has specialized in accuracy, and is focusing on expanding the processing range in the future.

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