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OMRON’s color sensor contributes to automation of equipment

December 19, 2022

Built-In Color Sensor “B5WC”

As labor shortages become more apparent, there is a growing need for automation through remote monitoring and more efficient maintenance in the manufacturing industry and multi-functional equipment in the service industry. Incorporating OMRON’s “Color Sensors” into equipment can help solve these problems.

For example, in the case of machine tools, progressive deterioration of lubricant leads to equipment failure. It will become possible to efficiently maintain the equipment and gauge the optimal time to replace the lubricant by monitoring the color of the lubricant with a color sensor.


1. Liquid condition monitoring

Improves equipment maintenance efficiency by monitoring the changes in liquid color.

2. Multi-functionalization of equipment

Assists equipment multifunctionality and work automation by an operation based on the color information of the detected object.

3. Stable operation of equipment

Provides stable operation of equipment by detecting the objects by color.

4. Compact in size

Can be built into equipment thanks to its compact form* and high degree of installation flexibility.

* Size: 8.4 [W] × 40 [L] × 15.9 [H] mm

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