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DMG MORI signs industrial development and regional revitalization agreement with Mie Prefecture

May 30, 2018

On April 13, 2018, DMG MORI announced that it would sign a comprehensive industrial development and regional revitalization agreement with Mie Prefecture. This was the company’s second agreement with local governments, following one with Nara Prefecture in March 2017. Based on the agreement, DMG MORI will lend the latest 5-axis machining center to Mie Prefecture’s industrial research laboratory and work to improve the technical level. The company also plans to lend several machine tools to industrial high schools and send instructors.
DMG MORI is also committed to promoting industrial education. “For machine tools, not only the hardware but also the embedded software is becoming increasingly important,” said Dr. Masahiko Mori, president of DMG MORI. “Therefore, we are pleased to develop embedded software together with laboratories and technical high schools.” In addition, DMG Mori will cooperate in the promotion of sports and contribute to the revitalization of local communities.
In Iga, Mie Prefecture, the company has its main production base, the Iga Plant. Dr. Mori said, “Since the establishment of the Iga Plant, we have been indebted to Mie Prefecture for nearly 50 years. I have entered into an agreement in the hope of returning some kind of gratitude to the local community.”

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