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New skiving machine reduces labor and floor space and increases production speed

June 6, 2018

Small skiving multi-tasking machine

Japanese company Nachi-Fujikoshi recently released GMS200, a new skiving machine for gears up to the diameter of 220 mm. This diamter of gears is often used in machining automotive components, which is where this new machine comes in most handy.

The machine comes with several innovations aimed at reducing a production facility’s costs, floor space and labor while increasing efficiency.

The unique proposition of the GMS200 is that it integrates the three steps of gear skiving, turning, and drilling into one. This means that rather than installing a gear cutting machine, a lathe and a machining center, the same process can be achieved with a single machine. By harnessing a single tool for three jobs, organizations can increase production speed, while reducing labor required to operate separate machines. Due to simplicity in its design, time investment for arranging and setup is also reduced.

The machine comes in several sizes, including 2500mm width×3000mm depth×1680 mm height. The machine’s compact size and function of replacing three machines with a single one gives organizations the flexibility to operate in a smaller facility space, increasing efficiency while reducing costs.

The machine adopts a rigid guide and a high torque spindle. This design allows for a shortened machining time, compared to conventional gear shaper machining.

The GMS200 can produce gears of N6 class or higher, considered third best among nine grades in the accuracy class of the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS).

The front door is of an open-ceiling type, and the workability of attaching and detaching workpieces is improved in the machine by taking into consideration the height at which the workpieces are attached. The operation screen adopts an interactive touch panel, and can easily create a program, preparing a wide range of options, including jigs and robots for attaching and detaching workpieces.


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