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FANUC Shows New Functions of Machine-Learning and Deep-Learning(2/4)

June 22, 2018

Shortened cycle time

In addition to AI, a function of automatically optimizing the control of a machine tool and realizing advanced machining has been proposed.  It is a new technology called “Fast Cycle Time Technology.”  This technology summarizes a series of functions that contribute to shortening the cycle time of machining. Corresponds to CNC devices “30i/31i/32i-B” and “0i-F”.  Various parameters are automatically adjusted at once so as to shorten the cycle time.Further, acceleration and deceleration of the feed and the spindle motor, a machining path are optimized.  “Together with the newly announced technology and the Fine Surface Technology announced last year, it has made it easier for users to optimize machining,” the company’s explanation said.  In addition, the NC apparatus has been improved in various aspects, such as corresponding to a new method of machining an internal screw called a “punch tap”.


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