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FANUC highlights new CNC extension and voice control at Open House

May 28, 2024

FANUC held “The 33rd FANUC New Products Open House Show” for three days from May 13 to 15 at its headquarters in Oshino-mura, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan, showcasing many new products and technologies in the fields of factory automation, industrial robots and ROBOMACHINEs. The expanded specifications of the new CNC system and the explosion-proof collaborative robot attracted much attention. 

New specifications, new features and new designs 

At FANUC’s annual New Products Open House Show, the company presents and exhibits a wide range of new products and technologies. Despite a few days of inclement weather, the event was attended by some 8,000 people. 

In the area of factory automation, the new specifications of the “500i-A” CNC system launched last year were introduced. The new specification combines the CNC with a separate display unit and an entry-level model of FANUC’s “FANUC iPC” industrial PC. The control section of the control panel is 30 mm thick, allowing thinner control panels. In addition, the wide model of the display unit is now available in an 18.5-inch version. Several tools, such as the “Servoguide 2” servo adjustment tool, are now compatible with the 500i-A. 

A “Voice Control Function” has also been developed as a new function that can be used with all models of CNC machines. Users can give voice commands for various operations such as screen switching, program search and machining simulation. At the event, a demonstration of workpiece setup on a machine tool was shown using a combination of voice control and smart glasses, which are electronic terminals worn like eyeglasses. The exhibit attracted many visitors and drew large crowds for each demonstration, giving visitors a sense of the manufacturing site of the future. 

Many other tools that are useful for the development of machine tool builders using FANUC CNCs and functions that can be useful to users of these machines were also introduced. 

The “Bi-D Series” built-in motor for machine tool main spindles was also exhibited. The design has been optimized not only to increase acceleration power and maximum speed, but also to save energy by reducing losses. The stator has been shortened, contributing to a more compact main spindle. 

New models for painting, logistics and more 

A number of new robot products were also unveiled at the event. One of the highlights is the “CRX-10iA/L Paint”, an explosion-proof collaborative robot for painting. It is the world’s first (according to the company) explosion-proof collaborative robot that meets international standards. “Direct teaching is also possible by moving the arm by hand to make the robot learn the operation. The robot has attracted a lot of attention from visitors,” said a company employee. 

The 800 kg portable industrial robot “M-410/800F-32C”, which is designed for logistics applications such as transporting pallets, was also on display. Other products such as the “Modular Traveling Axis”, a traveling axis that can be mounted and connected to robots, were also presented. 

As for ROBOMACHINE-related products, the company introduced “G-Code for ROBODRILL”, which helps reduce cycle time and setup time. It can reduce the cycle time for drilling by 20%, and can easily create commands for helical drilling and deburring cross holes. In addition, new products of “ROBODRILL” compact cutting machine and “ROBOCUT” wire EDM machine were exhibited, and many visitors watched the machining demonstrations. 

Edited by: Yuya Sone
Staff Editor of SEISANZAI Japan; Editorial Desk of robot digest 


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