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MECT 2023 – Pre-registration begins; seminars to learn the latest in the industry

September 5, 2023

Pre-registration for MECHATRONICS TECHNOLOGY JAPAN (MECT) 2023, one of the largest machine tool exhibitions of the year in Japan, opened to visitors on September 1. From the same day, reservations for seminars are also being accepted. The seminar topics are “Automotive” on October 18, the first day of the exhibition, “Aircraft” on October 19, and “Automation” on October 20. Leading companies in each field will present the latest trends in the industry. 

Register now and get your visitor pass 

Pre-registration for visitors to MECT 2023 opened on September 1. In order to reduce congestion at the venue, the organizer requests that visitors register in advance and bring their printed visitor pass to the venue. With a printed visitor pass, visitors can enter the venue directly. Visitors can register in advance on the official website ( 

This year’s exhibition is the largest ever for MECT, with 492 exhibitors and 2103 booths. The new Hall 1, which opened in October last year, covers machine tools such as machining centers (MCs), lathes and multitasking machines, forming machine tools, and CAD/CAM software. In Hall 2, companies exhibit cutting tools, grinding wheels and tool holders. Hall 3 features a wide range of exhibits such as accessories for machine tools, industrial robots, logistics/transportation equipment, and measuring instruments. 

Theme: Automotive, from the flagship plants of Toyota and Nissan 

Reservations for the seminars began the same day as well. Each day of the exhibition offers seminars with a different theme.  

The first day, October 18, focuses on the automotive industry. Under the theme “Car Manufacturing of Tomorrow,” speakers from Toyota Motor and Nissan Motor have been invited to present the efforts of their respective companies. 

From Toyota Motor, Mr. Miyabe Yoshihisa, Plant General Manager of the Motomachi Plant, takes the stage. The company is committed to a “multi-pathway” approach, exploring technological possibilities in all directions to achieve the highest possible energy efficiency in automobiles. He is going to introduce the production technologies to achieve this goal. 

From Nissan Motor, Mr. Tamiyo Wada, Vice President and Plant Manager of the Yokohama Plant, takes the stage. In the process of promoting the “electrification of automobiles” and “in-house battery production” that Nissan Motor has pioneered in Japan, Mr. Wada is going to present the unchanging phenomena of production technology and future automobile manufacturing that makes the best use of such technology. 

The speakers are the General Managers of Toyota Motor’s Motomachi Plant, where the company’s flagship model “Crown” was born, and Nissan Motor’s Yokohama Plant, where the company was founded. With plant managers representing each of the two leading companies in Japan on stage, these seminars are not to be missed.

Theme: Aircraft, what will happen? Next generation aircraft 

The theme of the second day of the seminars is “The Future of the Aircraft Industry”. The aircraft industry has been recovering from the drop in demand caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the industry is still dependent on fossil fuels, and in the medium to long term, next-generation aircraft with advanced environmental friendliness are required. 

Under these circumstances, Boeing, the world’s leading aircraft manufacturer, established the “Boeing Japan Research Center” in Nagoya City, Japan, last August. Mr. Hiroshi Osawa, Senior Manager of Boeing Research & Technology Japan, who serves as the head of the Boeing Japan Research Center, is going to introduce the company’s latest initiatives. 

Also, what will be the power source for commercial aircraft in the future? Mr. Kazuhiro Masuda, Deputy Division Director of Research & Engineering Division, Aero Engine, Space & Defense Business Area, of IHI, which has a lot of experience in supplying aircraft engine manufacturers, takes the stage. His division is researching new technologies to improve fuel efficiency and reduce weight for the next generation, as well as engines that use unique core technologies for electrification. This time, some of the research is presented specifically for MECT visitors.

Theme: Automation, what is the latest in automation? 

On the third day, the latest trends in automation will be followed through seminars. Mr. Tomonori Sanada, Executive of the Robot Business Division, Precision Machinery & Robot Company of Kawasaki Heavy Industries, a leading industrial robot manufacturer, gives a presentation entitled “Kawasaki’s Robotics Technologies for the Future,” introducing challenges in new industries and fields, such as new concepts of robots and data platforms.  

Ms. Ayako Egashira, Executive Chief General Manager of Robotics Business Unit, Solution Business Operations, Yamaha Motor, delivers a presentation entitled “Yamaha Motor’s Vision of Transport Automation ~μ to km”. She is going to address the full automation of in-plant logistics with the company’s wide range of solutions, from transfers requiring precise positioning at the 1 µm level to long distances of 1 km or more.


Visitors can attend all seminars free of charge, but a reservation must be made at the time of pre-registration to attend the exhibition. Reservations are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis and close when the 400-person capacity for each seminar is reached. 


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