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Sugino opens new deburring laboratory

September 7, 2023

Sugino Machine (Namerikawa City, Toyama Prefecture; President & CEO: Yoshiaki Sugino) opened the “Deburring Labo at SUGINO (Deburr Labo)” at its Kakegawa Plant in Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture on July 20, 2023. By consolidating the company’s deburring knowledge and technology in the Deburr Labo, it can respond to a wide range of deburring problems faced by customers. The Deburr Labo allows customers to try out deburring and machining on a vertical machining center (MC) and other equipment. The facility is conveniently located with easy access from Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka. 

Not only remove, but also suppress 

Deburr Labo, opened by Sugino Machine at its Kakegawa Plant, is a laboratory specializing in deburring. It measures data related to burrs and visualizes burr generation conditions and optimal processing conditions. The data obtained is then analyzed with customers to solve problems. 

The lab is equipped with a vertical MC, a high-pressure water jet for deburring parts, and an industrial robot for deburring and test machining of workpieces. Through actual machining, the conditions under which burrs occur and methods for removing and controlling burrs can be tested. 

 The company first meets with customers in the “Hub Area” to propose deburring solutions. It also provides advice on deburring methods and optimal machining conditions. Based on the content of the meeting, the actual test machining is performed in the “Labo Area”. Changes in the burr due to different machining conditions of the workpiece can also be verified. After the test machining, the data of the machining results are analyzed together with the customer in the Hub Area.

Consolidate technology in one place 

"Deburring is a perennial issue," says President Yoshiaki Sugino.

“Deburring is a perennial issue,” says President Yoshiaki Sugino.

With the high-pressure water jet as its core technology, the company has an advantage in advanced deburring technology using high-pressure water. “Burrs are always generated when machining workpieces. However, because the shapes of burrs are not uniform, it is difficult to automate deburring,” explained President Sugino. Therefore, the company decided to open Deburr Labo to provide comprehensive deburring automation technology. 

Previously, each division of the company had developed deburring-related products such as vertical MCs, parts washers, and industrial robots. As a result, it was difficult to offer proposals that combined technologies from other divisions in response to customer requests. This time, by consolidating the technology and know-how in Deburr Labo, the company has established a system that enables it to propose total solutions for deburring.  

In addition to its role as a deburring R&D center, the company intends to use the Deburr Labo as a place to interact with customers and outside engineers. The company plans to host seminars and other opportunities to share information and incorporate new knowledge and technology. 

In the future, the company intends to collaborate with industry and academia to develop new technologies. “To develop new solutions, we have the option of partnering with universities and colleges,” said Mr. Hideaki Sakai, Managing Executive Officer of the company. 



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