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INTERMOLD was held under booming conditions(3/4)

July 11, 2018

Capture demand with mainstay products

Many companies focused on capturing rising demand, centered on their mainstay products.

Okuma exhibited the MU-8000V LASER EX, a multi-tasking machine equipped with additive manufacturing technologies, and appealed to more efficient die mold repair.

OKK proposed process integration in 5 axis MC “VC-X350” for die mold of complicated configuration.

Amada Machine Tools also presented a Graphical Profile Grinding Machine “DV-1”.  DV-1 is equipped with a new type of through-hole table, and the processing area is expanded.  It is cope with the machining of long sized workpiece cemented carbide punches.

Okamoto Machine Tool Works exhibited a surface grinder “PSG63SA1” for high-efficiency grinding of die mold baseplates and other products.

In addition, NS TOOL exhibited a PCD ball end mill “PCDRB” and a sample workpiece with a finished surface close to the mirror surface machined by PCDRB, and promoted “die mold polish-less.”

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