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Support for automation of high-mix and low volume production (2/2)

July 27, 2018

Proposed reduction of jaw change arrangements

Matsumoto Machine sells chuck and rotary tables.
It focuses on expanding sales of chuck products that reduce the labor required to replace jaw change.  Matsumoto Machine make its factory a showroom and hold seminars to promote products.  This product attracts attention that can cope with the growing need for automation of high-mix and low volume production.


Appeal superiority with real products

AJC chuck and QJC chuck were developed nearly thirty years ago, but demand has quickly grown recently.  The company’s proposal successfully met the growing needs of customers for automation.

Matsumoto machine also focuses on product PR in order to capture its demand.  As its method, take a strategy of showing off products to customers by using their own factories as showrooms.

Matsumoto Machine appeals the superiority of the product by actually using the three products at its own factory to process parts and actually seeing the finished parts to customers.  At the MEX Kanazawa 2018 held in May 2018, a seminar was held for the first time in several years to promote the company’s products to visitors.

Kaname Matsumoto the president of Matsumoto Machine says, “Although we had not held seminars for a while, we decided to present our proposals again in response to the growing need for automation from our customers.”

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