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Optimization of machining conditions by AI technology

September 8, 2018

Mitsubishi Electric

Die-sinking electric discharge machine


Mitsubishi Electric launched die-sinking electric discharge machine “SV12P,” which installed its own artificial intelligence “Maisart.”

AI installed in the new control unit “D-CUBES” automatically optimized the machining condition such as feedrate of electrodes, and productivity improved by about 30% compared with conventional machines.

Even when handled by novices, the processing quality is realized like a skilled person.

Generally speaking, it is said that it is difficult to predict the machining time of the die-sinking electric discharge machining, but the AI automatically calculates the machining time.

Therefore, it is possible to estimate the work time, and it is easy to set up and manage the processing.

Structures inside the machinery were reviewed and the rigidity of the SV12P was strengthened.

It corresponds to workpieces up to 1000 kg.

Combined with AI-based control, the system can be used in a variety of ways, from micro machining of connectors for electronic equipment to mid-and large-scale die mold processing for smartphones and automotive components.

Ensuring high accuracy processing of ±3μm by making full use of proprietary technologies “Thermal Buster,” which suppresses thermal displacements, and the latest servo-control technologies.

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