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Makino Seiki is ready for “reborn”(1/2)

November 1, 2018

Developed new products “SG10”
Makino Seiki, a tool grinder manufacturer, has developed SG10 which is going to be unveiled at the 29th Japan-International machine tool Exhibition (JIMTOF2018).
The completion of the reconfiguration of the head office factory scheduled for spring 2018 will be regarded as its “reborn.” Makino Seiki will plunges the market with aggressive product development and improvement of production capacity.

Show up of product
SG 10 is a tool grinder targeted for grinding small to medium diameter tool. The “AGE30” of the flagship models ranged from 3 mm to 25 mm diameter, while the SG10 was narrowed from 3 mm to 10 mm diameter. As a result, “We have kept on reducing the non-processing time such as exchanging workpiece and grinding stone”, Daisuke Shimizu, the president of Makino Seiki said.

SG10, like AGE30, is a highly productive machine that standardizes and installed automated equipment. Tool manufacturers are the main targets of this machine.  Scale feedback is used for the linear axis, and direct drive motors are used for the rotary axis to realize high positioning and high indexing accuracy. By comparing AGE 30 and SG 10, by reducing the tool diameter, the main shaft of the grindstone shaft becomes HSK-A 40 which is one size smaller, and the number of rotations has been increased to 15,000 rotations so that it faces the small-diameter grindstone.  Compact design has been thoroughly implemented, and the company has achieved the smallest class, with a height of 2100 × width of 1600 × depth of 2450 mm.  By narrowing the work diameter, the anticipated load tolerance of the built-in loader for exchanging the work can be reduced, and therefore, by reducing the weight of the drive components and reviewing the exchanging operation, the work exchanging time can be drastically shortened.

In addition, the number of tool capacities which was 123 in AGE 30 was greatly increased to 520.  It realizes a reduction in area ratio of about 30% compared with AGE30, and to increase productivity per unit area.
“AGE 30 is our ace. We want to make SG 10 threaten the ace,” President Shimizu said with enthusiastic.

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