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5-axis machining center that can machine a wide range of materials

May 3, 2019

5-axis machining center



JTEKT launched 5-axis machining center, FH630SX-5A, on March 14, 2019.

Shinji Kato, executive director, says “we have developed MC that customers can safely introduce in the face of dramatic changes in the external environment, such as a decline in the workforce, and uncertain economic conditions caused by trade frictions between the United States and China.”

“FH630SX-5A” mounted a rotating spindle on the table and a rotating spindle on the spindle head.

As a result, large workpieces can be mounted on a 630 mm square pallet.

Square pallet can hold workpiece that is maximum diameter of 1170 mm, a maximum height of 1600 mm, and a maximum loading mass of 1500 kg. FH630SX-5A also compatible with the machining of a wide range of materials from aluminum alloys to iron-based materials, titanium alloys, and other difficult-to-cut materials.

It also has high cutting ability. A high-rigidity spindle with 15,000 rpm is mounted as standard. The back-column system of high-rigidity is adopted for the mechanical construction.

The main target markets are aerospace, energy, agricultural, and construction machinery.

It is scheduled to be manufactured 20 units per year.

It cost 86.3 million yen in Japan as standard.

Source:SEISANZAI MARKETING Magazine April 2019 issue

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