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Don’t miss this who couldn’t visit IMTS 2018!(3/5)

February 25, 2019

14 Japanese companies attracted the greatest attention from visitors(3/5)

 “IMTS2018”, Chicago Show, was held for six days from September 10 to 15, 2018, at McCormick Place in Illinois, U.S.

The total of 129,415 visitors visited there.

Automation solution especially attracted attention in IMTS 2018.

In this article, we will report the main exhibitions of 14 Japanese FA manufacturers which have had a high presence in the North American market. The reports will be posted in 5 times for people who couldn’t visit IMTS 2018.


All of the gear machining into packages/Yamazaki Mazak

Yamazaki Mazak unveiled “INTEGREX AG series” (photo)of hybrid multi-tasking machine, which can integrate the processes of gear machining, as a world premiere.

“It’s a product that all of the gear machining is packaged, demonstrating the power to produce high-variety, low-volume gears production.” said Masazumi Nakanishi, managing officer & officer of sales and marketing headquarter.

“Mazak spindle health monitor” was exhibited as a reference, which diagnoses the condition of the main spindle by AI.

The electric current and vibration data acquired by the sensor can be analyzed by machine learning and the state of main spindle was assessed.

It is scheduled to be launched in 2019.

In addition, VC-500A/5X AM HWD, a hot-wire hybrid multi-tasking machine, was introduced at west hall’s special section.


 Machining small gears efficiently/JTEKT

JTEKT introduced the “Gear skiving centers GS200H”(photo), which consolidates process of gear machining in North America for the first time.

It is possible to cope with the manufacture of small gears flexibly from the production of a large variety of small production to mass production.

“We are also drawing attention to the mission of agricultural machinery and construction equipment, particularly automobiles,” says Yoshihiko Saito, general manager of machine tools & mechatronics overseas sales dept. JTEKT also exhibited at the joint exhibition “Hannover Messe USA” in addition to the south hall, where each machine builders had booths, and proposed its own IoT concept “IoE (Internet of Everything)”.

The highlight is “JTEKT-SignalHop” and IoE can be introduced easily with it.

“JTEKT-SignalHop” is a device that visualizes the indicator light of facilities.

“It is important how to improve after visualization.” Yasukazu Yamaguchi, general manager of IoE promotion dept, emphasized.


New product was unveiled/Murata Machinery

Murata Machinery first showcased a new product “MW 120 II”(photo) of parallel 2-axis NC lathe.

A new type of gantry loader made of CFRP was also installed to reduce weight and improve transport speed.

Murata Machinery intends to take an aggressive approach to mass-production machining lines for automobile components, which are required high productivity.

Yosuke Murata, executive vice president, analyzes that North America’s market conditions are favorable and vigorous, particularly among Japanese manufacturers of automobile components.


Spreading charm of mainstay brands powerfully/OSG

OSG also strongly spread charm of its mainstay “A-brand” products lineup in addition to a wide variety of new products.

“A-brand” drills and taps have a variety of lineups depending on the tool diameter and the size of the tool length, but all of them were displayed.(photo)

“It’s time-consuming and costly, but we would like visitors to see our line-up.” explains Alex Masuda, vice president, OSG USA.

Source: SEISANZAI MARKETING Magazine November issue

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