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O-M’s TC with high cutting power and intelligence function

February 26, 2018

Vertical turning center

In November 2017, O-M released a vertical turning center “VT7-1600Mi”, which adds milling capabilities to machining. The company strengthened the clamping mechanism with proprietary technology to restrain the three sides of the tool. Maximum cutting force is 35,000 N (Newtons) and 1.4 times higher than that of its conventional model. High cutting power is realized as a multi-function machine capable of both drilling and milling.

In addition, the rigidity of all the components including the tool clamping section has been increased, and the positioning accuracy was improved to ±3.5μm, twice that of the conventional machine. The high-pressure coolant at 20MPa is provided. Completely sealed chips cover is installed to prevent chips from entering inside. The productivity is improved by extending the tool life and improving the chip discharge performance.

Its intelligence has also been enhanced by “chip detection system”, which detect chips wrapped around a cutting edge in an image modification process and “machine state monitoring device” that collects and records data from various sensors and machine control devices.

Source: SEISANZAI MARKETING Feburuary 2018

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