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Nissei developed a clothes button using screw technology

December 1, 2017

Nissei, a roll forming machine builder, developed a “PLB button” for clothes applying the proprietary technology “Perfect Lock Bolt (PLB)”.

The products were marketed at the end of November using the systems of cloud funding sites “Makuake.”

“First, we want to sell it through cloud funding and use it for market-analysis,” said Katsutoshi Shinbutsu, the director of PLB business.

PLB is a proprietary technology developed by Nissei as a thread roll forming machine builder.

The PLB is a special threaded configuration of bolts that prevent and fasten mechanical loosening with two nuts of differing pitches.

Nissei launched the PLB Division to take advantage of PLB technology in a variety of fields.

The company will collaborate with students on the subject of PLB to develop products and conduct human resources exchange called “Invention marathon.”

Button development is one of the outcomes with university students in Yamanashi prefecture.

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