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Sugino Machine opened new plant in Namerikawa

November 15, 2017

On November 15,2017, Sugino Machine held the completion ceremony of the assembly plant that had been built inside the Namerikawa. The investment in the completed sixth plant (=photograph) is about 2.7 billion yen, It has the three floors above the ground, with a total floor area of 7800㎡. Efficient air condition to the assembly plants, the engineering laboratory and are also installed. It intends to smooth the cooperation between departments.

The company is  going to improve production line combining ultra-precision machining center and ultra-high pressure washing machine with new factory operation. In four years, the company aims to increase the sales of both products to 1.5 times as the current sales.

Takara Sugino, president of the company says “this is a small factory but we aim to produce high quality products. And I would like to make it “thinking factory” to promote high quality product development.” The senior management director, Yoshiaki Sugino says “machining center and washing machines were produce different places so far, but in the new factory we can make both of them. Inspection of the line is completed in one place. Therefore, we need to take in further user needs.”

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